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Head Boy and Head Girl


Head Girl

I am Violet,the new Head Girl at Upperthong Junior and Infant School. As Head Girl I have quite a few responsibilities, such as: office duty, KS1 duty and assembly monitoring. I really love being Head Girl and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love coming to school and seeing all my friends in every year. I always try to set a good example. I also have a passion for singing, dancing and drama.

I think I was chosen for Head Girl because I have perseverance and I am trustworthy. I have a positive attitude towards learning and others. In addition, I have a growth mindset. I respect teachers/ staff and other pupils in other classes.

Head Boy

 I am Robert, the new Head Boy at Upperthong. I like to go swimming, play tennis and the guitar. My role is to be an ambassador for the school, help set assemblies, hand out certificates in the Friday assembly, check that people are doing the right thing and sometimes show people around the school.

I think I was chosen because I know the right thing and when to do it, I have a positive attitude to learning, I persevere and I am reliable.

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