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Head Girl and Boy 2021-2021


Head Girl

My name is Isabella and I am Head Girl at Upperthong School. My job is to be a good role-model, following the school rules of Ready, Respectful and Safe. My duties include handinout stickers in our celebration assembly, making sure everyone is doing the right things outside and in, and helping out round school where possible.

I think I was chosen for this role because I respect everyone, I try my hardest  and I always have been a good role-model. I enjoy school, respect the rules, am caring and am good with other people.

I will bring to the role kindness, responsibility for my actions, a smile on my face and I will be ready and motivated at all times.

I want people to see that being head girl is an amazing opportunity and I am thrilled to have been chosen; it is possible for any one of us to be head girl if you try your best.

Head Boy

I am Archie - Head boy of Upperthong School. With Isabella, I greet the rest of the school as they arrive for assembly. During our Friday assembly, I hand out stickers to children in the Well Done Book - or receiving the Head Teacher's Award. I work in Key Stage 1 or the office a couple of lunchtimes a week. I am so glad to have this role.

I think I was chosen because I am kind, respectful, safe and ready - these are key things at Upperthong.  I will bring to the role - respect and kindness especially to the little ones who are settling in to their school life.

I want people to see that I am a role-model and I want to show that anyone can have a role like me if you work for it.


Deputy Head Girl and Boy


I am Harriet, the Deputy Head Girl at Upperthong School.

I think I was chosen because I try to do my best in everything I do and I love helping other people. I hope that I will always be someone that others could talk to if they needed to. I want people to see that Upperthong is a great school, with amazing teachers and facilities.

I'm Jake - Deputy Head Boy.

I believe I was chosen because of my positive attitude, the fact that I am kind and respectful to others and that I work hard.  I will bring responsibility, enthusiasm and a sense of purpose to the role.  I want people to see the best of our school and pupils and how we all work together as a team.

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