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Head Girl and Boy 2023-24


Head Girl

I am Molly, Head Girl at Upperthong J & I School.

My role is to ensure the younger children, particularly KS1 and reception, have a friendly and safe environment and are ready to learn. My duties include helping set up for assembly and answering calls in the school office. 

I am friendly, helpful, polite and respectful. I model our school values both inside and outside of school. 

I will bring enthusiasm, kindness and a smile to the role, ensuring I bring the very best of myself each day.

I want people to see our wonderful school, fabulous teachers and happy pupils modelling our school values. 

Head Boy

I am Richard - Head Boy at Upperthong.

As head boy I will have to hold the door open in assemblies, give stickers to children that have won an award in our celebration assembly, read a poem at the end of year assembly and do all of the house captain roles.

I try my hardest in all lessons, rarely fail to finish my work, always follow the school rules and am always kind and helpful to teachers and othre members of staff.

I will bring respect to my fellow students and teachers and promote all the school learning values. I will bring kindness and helpfulness towards teachers and be a great head boy. 


Deputy Head Girl and Boy


I am Emma, Deputy Head Girl at Upperthong J & I School

As DHG, I help set up assembly, help in the office at lunch by answering the phone, keep track of house poiints and ste p up to cover if the head girl is absent. I like helping people and I am a role model to younger children. I will bring confidence as well as loyalty to the school in all my duties. I want people to see how great Upperthong School is and all the opportunities you can have here.

I am Harley, Deputy Head Boy at Upperthong J & I School

As DHB, my roles are to set an example to the other classes and always help people. I'm respectful towards teachers and pupils and I'm responsible. I will bring happiness to the role. I want people to see how I'm a kind and respectful pupil. 


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