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Autumn 2017 in Year 4

We have been busy! Science, history, art, maths, writing and so much more, along with outdoor learning, 'Round the World Day', Halloween Disco.... and it isn't even close to Christmas and all the fun that will bring!


Our two science units have been keeping us entertained.  First, we learned about skeletons and muscles, looking at what our bones are made from and what they do for our bodies.  Alongside this, we have seen how muscles work with our bones for all our movement.

We are now working on sound - how the ear works, how sound travels and what happens to sound waves when pitch and volume change.


During our work on the Industrial Revolution and changes to working and homes lives, we have begun to find out about local industry including woollen yarn and fabric manufacture.  Making links with art, we have used a variety of techniques to create clay sheep, of which we are very proud! 

This week has seen us even carding and spinning raw wool into yarn!

Y4 Carding & spinning.mp4
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