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Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 is a great opportunity to build on all that we have learned in Year 1 by learning to work more independently as part of our journey towards Key Stage 2.   We will continue to develop the skills which we have begun to master, especially in solving problems and coming up with our own ideas as to how and why things happen.

What do we learn?

In the Autumn term our topic will be “Plot, Plague and Pudding Lane” where we will learn about the main events of the Seventeenth Century in London, the Gunpowder plot, the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London.  We’ll try to understand what it really felt like to be there.  Our Art work and Design Technology will be based on this topic and these will give us the opportunity to come up with our own ideas about what really happened. 

In our “World Kitchen” topic in the Spring term we will consider the difference in food and lifestyle of people who live in countries in the different continents of the World as well as finding out some fascinating facts about the countries themselves.  We hope to visit an arable farm to see the whole journey of our food from the farm to the fork as well as making a delicious pizza of our own.

In the Summer term, in our “Africa” topic we will find out that Africa is a continent made up of very many countries, many of them very different.  We will explore the lives of children who live in some of the countries and find out how very different their lives are from ours.  We will use recycled materials to create toys just like they do. 

Though we will take our SATs at the end of the year, Year 2 is always fun!  We will challenge ourselves and each other to be the very best learners we can be and find out lots on the way.

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