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Helping our children to be emotionally resilient and understand their feelings

Where to go for support

Kirklees Keep in Mind (KKiM) is our new emotional wellbeing and mental health service for Kirklees children, young people and families. It will start from 1 April 2024.

It is based around good practice, national requirements and reflects the feedback we have received from parents, families, people who work in educational settings and, most importantly, children and young people.

If parents are concerned about their child's mental health or wellbeing, ideally they should speak to school, if this is possible and appropriate.  Schools can request support by completing the KKiM consultation form at Consultation form for schools - Kirklees Keep in Mind (kirklees-keep-in-mind.nhs.uk) and submitting it via anycomms to Kirklees KKiM-SWYT. Any queries please contact KirkleesMHST@swyt.nhs.uk or 01484 343785.

Parents can also request support by contacting Kirklees Families Together by:
• Completing the Support Request web form.
• if you cannot complete the web form, you can call 0300 304 5555.

Support is offered by:
• Kirklees Early Support – they provide advice and support programmes for parents and carers.
• Kirklees Educational Psychology – they provide advice, support and training programmes for schools.
• South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust – they provide therapeutic support for all children and young people who attend a Kirklees school, including home educated and college students registered with a Kirklees GP. If a child needs further intensive intervention, they will be referred to their local CAMHS.  

The new service is part of Kirklees Families Together, which is a partnership of services working together to provide the right support in the right place at the right time, and so that people only have to tell their story once.

Please note that this service is not an emergency service.  In the event of an emergency then follow this link:

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