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Reception Class 2019-2020

Welcome to your home learning page reception and your families! 

We really miss seeing your smiley faces everyday and we are sending you big smiles and hugs!!!

Firstly, our biggest request is that children are not stressed and are happy through these uncertain times. Don't panic if learning isn't going to plan. Start slowly and build up.

Through the website we are going to work together to set weekly activities for you to try with your child.  Every child likes to do things in different ways, so please feel free to change activities to suit the needs of your child. 

The menu page will help you to access information you will need. Here you will find information on daily routines, early learning goals, activities and suggested learning links and much more!

 Please email if you need to ask anything at all.


Reception Weekly Activities 23.3.20

Here are the weekly activities we would like reception to try. 

Please email if you have any questions or need advice.  We would also like to be emailed any photos, work and video's about things you are doing at home.





Reception Weekly Activities 30.3.20

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