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What do the children at Upperthong think about maths?

We asked children questions about maths and this is how they replied.

  • What are your feelings towards maths?

    'I feel happy when I do maths and I enjoy it.'

    'It depends what we are doing in maths to how I feel.'

    'I like maths because it is fun but sometimes it is a bit hard.'

    'The tricky bits like really hard questions because they are challenging. Mr B has just taught me how to add fractions with different denominators and that was tough and a bit puzzling but I liked it.'

  • What do you enjoy the most about maths?

    'I enjoy adding and multiplying the most.'

    'Fractions-like adding them and converting them into the same denominator. I find them hard but easy as well. Multiplication-I know up to 12 x 12 so I am confident multpliying by a single digit. Bigger numbers are easy if I use the grid method. Column addition and subtraction because I find them easy.'

    'I like column addition,fractions and timestables.'

    'I like column addition and subtraction because I find it easy to do the taking away and addition within the columns. I also enjoy pictograms.'

  • What do you do well?

    'Doubling and halving because I like how it's easy in that I can add big numbers. Short division because I find the way to do it is easy.'

    'I think I do well in column addition and multiplying some large numbers.'

    'Adding using columns and takeawaying also timestables and adding with money.'

  • Do you find maths challenging?

    'Problem solving is difficult because it does not always make sense and I am not always sure where to start.'

    'I find fractions and large multiplication sums challenging.'

    'I find problem solving challenging because  there is loads of solving and problems to do and so many questions that I can't get through them all.'

    'I find time challenging because I struggle with past and to and all the multplies to 60 confuse me.'

  • How often do you feel challenged?

    'In most lessons I feel challenged.'

  • Does feedback help you and if so how?

    'Yes the teacher's feedback does help me because she gives us hard actions yet we still know what we are doing.'

    'My teacher's feedback helps me because it helps me to improve so I can do something more challenging.'

    'She sets us targets and actions.'

    'Feedback helps me because if I've got a next step on one page and I'm working on another I can look back at my next step and it helps me.'

    'The feedback helps me by telling me what I need to get better at.'

    'Sometimes there is a tip and it will help me for the next lesson. When there is a next step and a tip I like this and I will be looking forward to it at the beginning of the next lesson.'

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