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Behaviour at Upperthong

Behaviour at Upperthong is wonderful; this is as a result of our positive behaviour management strategies which are applied consistently across the school. We expect all children to follow our school rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful & Be Safe. Children are regualarly praised for doing the right thing; following our school rules. This may be followed by a reward for example a sticker, house point, class point, table point; there are a range of different rewards in place across the school all used to promote good behaviour. We believe that good behaviour is a choice and that, conversely, poor behaviour is also a choice. We promote making good choices through everything that we do. Staff model the behaviour expected from the children ensuring they always speak to each other and to the children with respect.

From time to time we do see examples of unacceptable behaviour and when this happens there are consequences. Across the school the systems in place for dealing with unacceptable behaviour are consistently applied by all staff. When talking to children about unacceptable behaviour we always talk about the choices they have made and what different choices should have been made.

For further information on behaviour at Upperthong please read our behaviour policy below and look at the new behaviour blueprint. There is also a copy of an assembly which was shared with children and staff when we launched our new school rules in February 2019.

Restorative Practice

When working with a child whose behaviour has been unacceptable we use restorative practices; rather than apportioning blame and working solely on a sanction we aim to identify what has happened , what harm has resulted and how things can be made right. Working in this way we encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and understand the impact of them on others. We then work to repair relationships.

For further information on restorative practice at Upperthong please see the presentation shared with governors on June 13th 2016.

Behaviour Off Site

At Upperthong we are 'Proud to learn, achieve and belong' and this underpins all that we do. We want our children to represent our school with pride on and off the premises, during the school day and outside school hours. To find out more about our behaviour outside the school gates and school hours policy please read the Behaviour Policy.

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