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The Romans in Britannia

This term we launch ourselves over two and a half thousand years back in time as we throw ourselves into learning about the Romans - in particular - when they invaded and settled in Britain. Already, we are learning about the Roman Army - looking forward very much to discovering more about the uniform and weapons they used.  If we are lucky - we may get a visit from a passing legionary who might tell us even more about Roman Legion life.

Roman Day Movie(wmv).wmv

(the video hasn't uploaded in its best format - apologies!)


It certainly is going to be explosive in Year 4 this term.  Volcanoes are set to errupt as we learn all about our Earth, its layers and the movement of tectonic plates, all leading to finding out more about volcanoes.


The Midnight Fox

With great anticipation, we set off on a journey with Tom to visit his aunt's farm for the summer.  Unlike Tom, we were excited about all the adventures we might have there. Finding a rare black fox wasn't expected but as we use our fabulous language skills to describe our sightings, we are guaranteeing some splendid writing again in Year 4.



Fractions!!!  So far - we have remembered lots from last year. Now we need to apply our learning in some problem solving activities!


In French we will be revising the months of the year and using this to talk about birthdays and events in the year. We will then be learning to express our likes and dislikes about different food.


Our first scientific exploration this term is into the electrifying world of...... electricity!

Revising complete circuits and looking at components, all using accurate scientific terms and diagrams/symbols, before designing some light-up artwork in DT. 

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