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Welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 is a huge year for the children as they take the first steps outside KS1 and into the vast world of KS2!

In Year 3 the children will be beginning in the Autumn term by looking at the Vicious Vikings! We learn about why the Vikings decided to invade Britain and why they were so successful doing so.  We look at their homelife, and how many of the things they introduced changed the way we live our lives today. We look at weaponary and war, but also defensive tactics..!  The children look at artwork and produce a shield! Finally, trade was a hugely important aspect of Viking life, so the children become traders, working together to gain the best possible price of their materials...learning about bartering and the value of objects.

In the Spring the major topic is looking at the Ancient Eygptian! We will look at what they did for us today and how we still use some of the objects they invented! We look at the mummification process works and even turn into mummies ourselves! During the Spring term we make some delicious sandwiches as part of our Design and Technology unit. We explore healthy foods and look at how we can use some of these in a sandwich! 

As the sun arrives (!), we welcome the Summer Term and we start looking at Britain in the 1960s.  Here we start to look at how music and artwork influenced society as a whole.  The children learn about famous bands such as The Beatles and famous artists such as Andy Warhol.  We start to look at famous figures during this time (Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon), and how their thoughts and actions changed the way some people thought and acted.  Colour was bright and bold, so we make our own amazing artworks using different media such as poster paint, tye-die and collage It's a fantastic end to the Swinging Sixties!

Throughout the year the children will learn about Magnets, Foreces, Plants,  Rocks & Fossils in Science.  As well as all this, the children get to learn (!) how to play the glockenspiel through weekly lessons using charanga!  Also, Year 3 is the first year where PE is taught through specific sport, playing sports such as Rugby, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Rounders and Cricket.


Lots of other fun and amazing things happen in Year 3! 

Miss B. 



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