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Year IV Home Learning March 2020

A few faces so you don't forget me!!! Can you work out what I am thinking??  Email me your ideas! Let's see if we all think the same.

The Considine Curse - Gareth P Jones

I have moved our story to its own page.

Click on this link:

Our shared story

Ongoing work

Hello Year 4 - I miss you!

Have a look at this week's CORE work (Maths & English). 

  • In Maths, try to remember the learning we have done and apply in some simple fluency problems.
  • Maybe you can find some reasoning or problems solving questions to have a go at. There may be a red chilli challenge !
  • Take photos of anything concrete or practical you try.
  • In English - remember to READ!!!!
  • There are two writing tasks to have a go at.  Email me your work - I may even post some of it here!

Have a look at the TOPIC ideas.  There is one at the bottom of the Maths & English page - but here are a whole host of ideas about our upcoming topics in the Summer Term.

Week 2

Week 1

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