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Year IV Home Learning March, April & May 2020


Check out the new book in a day or two

Our shared story

Ongoing work


Miss Barden, Jake's mum, has set up a brilliant collection of TITANIC e-books for you to read.  A splendid set and definitely worth a look (and a huge thank you if you see her out and about).



Hello Year 4 - I'm still missing you!

I hope you are all keping safe and active.  I am so proud of the fabulous attitude you have taken towards you time away from school.  It seems that you are managing to find a balance between home learning and family time.  Keep that up!! 

One more week before half term!  

Thank you to all of you (and your mums and dads) for the fabulous emails and photos you are sending.  It completely makes my day to open them and read what you are telling me.  I'm thrilled with the writing you are doing and some very creative topic work appearing.  If I haven't replied yet - I will in the next day or so.

Keep going on those extra worksheets you are finding too - some of you are really going over and above! Well done.  I don't need to see all of these though - I am really keen to look at the work you have done yourselves in your book (or bigger & more creative)!!

Have a look at this week's Maths and English work. 

  • In Maths, some revision of learning about Capacity and Volume.
  • Take photos of anything concrete or practical you try.
  • In English - remember to READ!!!!  Another reading comprehension task.
  • I still haven't given you another set of  TOPIC work this week. But - I have set you a challenge linked with science.
  •  There has been lots to go on with the ongoing Ancient Greece and TITANIC work, plus science life cycles and the non-chronologial report into lines of latitude/longitude - and only a small handful of people have shown me that work. So, if you haven't done any - get on with some of that.  If you have - look at the ART AT HOME file -for hundreds of new ideas.  Be creative this week!
  •   Email me your work (don't forget your Blue Umbrella/Sulius work... I really want to read that and I have only had 9 pieces!!).

Keep going with the TOPIC ideas; Ancient Greece and Titanic; lots of different ideas on the TOPIC page from week 1. 

I have also added a Dinosaur challenge - a friend sent me this idea so I though some of you might fancy it!

Don't forget those presentation standards.  Pride!

Week 7  May 18th

Week 6  May 11th 

Week 5 May 4th

Week 4  April 27th 

Some questions from your friends - for you to answer.....

Tom: Why don't islands sink?

Florence: Why is a group of unicorns called a blessing?

Week 3  April 20th

Week 2 March 30th

Week 1 March 23rd

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