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Inspection September 2017

Dear parents/ carers,

Our school was inspected by Ofsted on 20th September 2017 and, on behalf of the Leadership Team and Governors, I am pleased to share with you that Upperthong J&I School, Holmfirth, was judged to be a ‘Good School’. As we were a 'Good School' following the last inspection, this was a ‘section 8’ Ofsted inspection carried out by an HMI (Her Majesty's Inspector). Even though it only lasted 1 day, the inspection process was very rigorous and detailed.The resulting report will be published on the Ofsted website and can be viewed in the document below.


It is very pleasing to read such positive things about our school and we are very happy with the conclusions the inspector came to after spending the day in school.  There are many comments that we could pick out to highlight why we are proud, however, the words in the report speak for themselves. We would like to comment on what the HMI said as part of the feedback process and this was that she had had a really enjoyable day and that we were well on the way to being Outstanding. She felt that there was a strong sense of community and belonging and that the children demonstrated exceptional behaviour and positive attitudes to learning. The positive relationships and systems for care and safeguarding were also noted as a strength of the school. This is not something that can be manufactured or prepared for when the inspectors call – it takes years to develop and is there as a result of all staff pulling in the same direction with the same expectations.


The leadership team were given extensive feedback after the inspection, much of which is not in the final short report, and this clearly indicated that the school was working within the ‘Outstanding’ criteria and had the capacity to meet this criteria. We will continue, as always to develop and improve, putting our children at the forefront of all we do and striving to be the best that we can be.


Finally, I would like to thank the staff, children, parents and Governors for their hard work and commitment to our wonderful school.  The feedback the inspector received from everyone she spoke to was incredibly positive and really reflected how hard everyone who is connected with our fantastic school works. We are very proud of everyone in the Upperthong family.

Kind regards

Carolyn Littlewood


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