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Sport Premium

The Government has given every Primary School funding to develop Physical education and competitive sport.

In our school we are using this funding by working with the Pennine Sports Partnership to:

* Increase the amount of competition sport in which our children participate.

* Make links to other community sports providers.

* Develop additional clubs and activities for children, outside the curriculum.

* Encourage our children to improve their leadership skills through sport.

* Give extra support in PE to our most talented children and include those with special needs in sport.

Lastly, we are bringing PE and sports specialist teachers and coaches into work alongside class teachers in lessons.

In this way, our children will gain new skills and experiences and teachers will learn new techniques and knowledge to aid them in teaching sport and PE.

The long term aim is higher quality lessons and improved learning for all children.

Please see below the action plans showing how we are developing sport at Upperthong school,how we are allocating this aditional funding and the impact this is having on our children and staff.

School Sports Premium 2016-17

Allocation:- £8,915


  • To improve and develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in gymnastics, dance and games
  • To improve and develop staff confidence and competence in teaching gymnastics, dance and games
  • To increase the children’s access and participation to quality PE & games (inc. completion) outside the teaching day
  • To develop a long term programme to build children’s awareness of diversity in society.
  • To increase the range of sporting activities and increase % participation in competitive sport (link to Inclusion objectives).


     Time scale

        Desired Impact


  1. Audit current provision and staff strengths and areas for development – looking for changing Sports Premium for 2017 as a more ‘where needed’.

July 2017

A clear understanding of staff strengths and areas for further development which can then, in conjunction with the sports partnership, can be used to plan half termly ‘expert’ lessons – a different class per half term.


  1. In conjunction with the Pennine Sports Partnership appoint appropriate staff to teach a series of lessons on a particular area of PE for staff to observe and teach together

(Half a day per week = £3240)

(Annual Fee = £896)

Sept 2016-July 2017

Teaching staff at Upperthong have an improved understanding of how to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding through a series of PE lessons.

Obtain a bank of teaching resources to use in the future.

Teaching staff to have greater confidence when teaching dance, gymnastics and games.

Children at Upperthong have improved knowledge, skills and understanding in particular areas of PE.


  1. In conjunction with the Pennine Partnership appoint a play worker to work 3 lunchtimes each week.

 (3 times a week – 1 term - £975)


Sept 2016-Dec 17

Children at Upperthong have access to an increased level of organised sporting activity at lunchtime.

Children to have the opportunity to take part in fun activities at lunch timeWhile also developing skills.


  1. In conjunction with the appointed sports staff attend extra curricular sport activities representing the school.

(T-Shirts - £110)

(3 half day covers = £300)

(Year 4 sports barn = £220)

Sept 2016- July 2017

Children at Upperthong have access to an increased level of organised sporting activity through participation in extra curricular activity (inc. competition).  This is to cover out of school competitions and cover for the PLT to look at assessment.

To show pride in representing the school by wearing school T-shirts.


  1. Ensure that Sports Partnership Money is being spend effectively and that this is being measured.

(3 half day covers = £300)

Sept 2016 – July 2017

Teaching Staff have a greater understanding of assessment and (along with the PLT) will improve their judgements and experience.  PLT to use this time to observe, look at assessments and speak to class teachers.  Assess schemes of work in being used in school and look for update and improvements.


  1. Introduce new sports to the children through workshops and extra curricular activities in order to give children a broader range of sports in which to develop an interest eg, fencing, Zumba (through project sport or partnership)

Autumn 2016 -Summer 2017

Wider range of sporting opportunities which capture the interest of a greater number of children encouraging them to take up different hobbies or join different extra curricular clubs


  1. To improve Gymnastics equipment to ensure that a full scheme of work can be taught.  To research and look into improve the scheme of work to incorporate free running.

Autumn 2016

Replace wall bars with new.

Teaching staff to receive training by PLT on how to use and set up.  Ensure that these are being used effectively.



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