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School Council

Character Education at Upperthong J & I School, Holmfirth

At Upperthong School we all recognize that we have a duty to prepare children for their futures and within this to flourish in a wider varitey of settings, to make the most of opportunities and to respond well to whatever life might throw. This self-evatuation has enabled us to identify the qualities, skills and values we promote at Upperthong, reflect on how and where these will be evident in teaching, learning and the hidden curriculum and identify opportunities for further development. Through the School Council, the children have helped this self-evaluation by identifying how they feel and suggesting how we can promote these aspects within our own school. Throughout the year the School Council will be involved in planning, organizing and running various activities and events which will incorporate some of our shared qualities, skills and values. These are some of the aspects which we came up with;


honesty, curious, resilient, proud, empathetic, risk taker, fair, polite, trustworthy, tolerant, perseverance


confidence, self-discipline, independence, questionning, concentration, co-operation, collaboration


sense of awe & wonder, safe & happy environment, an atmosphere of mutual respect, student voice, appropriate choices, understanding our differences, valuing school, drive to be their best, celebrate the success of others, tolerance

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