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heading for SATs

As we approached the dreaded SATs, we enjoyed kicking-off our last term with a bit of fun. Circus Day was awesome, and it was great for some of us to meet up again with Gary - who we had met at Feel Good Friday at HHS.  Peacock-feather balancing was Mrs P's trick of choice!

During SATs week, we kept our class standard positive approch to everything, sailing through the week without a grumble or a groan! To ensure we had a break from the monotony of testing, in our various roles, we set about developing our museum - The Museum of Early Man - exploring all things Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.

On Monday 5th June, the museum was launched. We had an exciting, yet ridiculously tiring day welcoming all the other classes in school for their pre-booked (complete with risk assesment - can't be too careful around stone-age weaponry) vists.  Visiting the cave and creating cave-art, watching the living-history demonstrations, engaging in a computer game, handling weaponry, an archaeological dig - to find bones and jewellery, and the opportunity to rebuild Stonehenge were all on offer during the day. A splendid time was had by all, with many of our visitors unhappy at having to leave!  If only we'd thought of having a gift shop!  One proud Mrs P! (again!)

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